Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to Ping - Stabilize your internet connection

One time I've noticed my dashboard wireless connection is in HSDPA connection and experienced a very good stable connection but most of the time I only got 3G which reflects slow data transfer. I observed that my dashboard will turn HSDPA when I am browsing and downloading, so I came up with a conclusion that my dashboard prioritize HSPDA every time I send data.

I want a stable connection, an HSDPA connection to stabilize my browsing and downloading experience. So I need to ping to stabilize my connection.

Tired of unstable internet wireless internet connection and want to experience it to the fullest? The following are easy steps to ping for stable connection.

1.  Click start and navigate Run
          Start> Run
2.  In the Run box type the command: 
          ping -t
3.  It will open the command prompt and you will notice that your dashboard now displays HSDPA.

Ping Stats
Ping Stats


Daywalkerlive said...

slapandtickle said...

so you did a ping test .... you fixed what exactly.

Rider Puma said...

PING is used to test if there is a connection, not fix a connection, am i right?

Muhammad Zaidan said...


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