Saturday, May 28, 2011

Convert any document or page to PDF file

Do you want to convert a file to PDF? Do you struggle to find the right tool for the job? Now here is the answer to your problem.

Step 1. Download the PDF printer from For further information about the application just visit its official site above.

Step 2. Install the downloaded file into your computer system. Just follow all the directions given by the software. Wait until program is completely installed.
Step 3. Close all open pages/documents in your system to refresh the printer installed in your computer. 
Step 4. Open any pages that you want to convert. Click File Menu > Print or Ctrl + P (shortcut for Printer). In the pop-up menu select PDF printer. It will take a little time converting. After converting, the software will tell you the location of your newly created PDF file.


Amelia said...

I have tried one of these tool earlier to convert a word document to a PDF file but is not satisfied with the result because the formatting and presentation was affected during the transformation. I will try the one that you have advised and hoping that this will not disappoint me.
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