Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to FlushDNS

Your Operating System and your DNS clients automatically cache the IP Address and other DNS of every page you want to visit, these is done to avoid the same request to the same host names.

Sometimes unwanted are results occur which will result into bad communication with the host. To solve this problem we need wait 24 hours for it to be automatically deleted or delete the currently saved DNS

The following are simple steps in flushing the DNS cache.

Windows XP/NT/98

1.  Press Start Button and Click Run
Run Box

2.  In the Run box type CMD and press Enter
Command Prompt will automatically run
3.  In the command prompt 
Type : ipconfig/flushdns
Command Prompt
Command Prompt

4. Done

Windows 7

1. Click the start button and find command prompt
Start > All Programs > Accesories > Command Prompt
2. Right Click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator
3. Type : ipconfig/flsuhdns


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