Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to Upgrade Huawei E153 Firmware

Today USB Modems  are widely used by Internet subscribers because of its portability and accessibility. As the competition rises each network provider are also releasing new features for every modem. The newest feature they are adding is the call feature where you can call using your Computer provided you have the speaker and microphone. In this tutorial I will teach you how to avail those new features without buying new modems.

First Step: Download Firmware needed to upgrade your modem. Here
We are going to replace the current firmware of our modem to its latest version. This will fix some bugs on your modem and also to activate its call feature.  In my modem I have used Firmware provided by Globe Telecom. For Globe - Download the Firmware Here
Note: Flashing the firmware means permanent firmware update and can only be reversed by flashing using another firmware of different network provided.
Second Step: Secure your Flashing code Here using the Sola Calc. Take note I'm talking about Flash code not the unlocking code. You will use this in the flashing process.

Third Step:  Insert your USB modem in your USB port. I suggest use the high speed USB 2.0 port. Make sure there is no SIM card inserted.

Fourth Step: Close any program running. Open programs may interrupt the flashing process and might cause permanent damage on your modem.

For users using non Windows XP - copy the drivers from the directory before flashing. You will use this one if the modem is undetected.

Fifth Step: Go the location of the downloaded files and double click it. Click the "I accept the agreement" button then Next.
The program will now search your firmware version. Wait and just follow the instructions.
Sixth Step: During the flashing process it will ask code - input the eight number flashing code you've obtain. Wait for the upgrading process to finish. Never attempt to discontinue during the upgrading process. It will take around 10 mins.
Seventh Step: After a successful upgrade uninstall the current dashboard and install the new one by accessing my computer. After installing, open your dashboard and start using your call feature in your modem.


mechawento said...

boss my lumalbas na error sakin,

tha data card cant be found. Error Code 2

ano gagawin ko? thanks2! :)

Jonrell said...

Just repeat the process sir!

mechawento said...

update failure naman naun ser.sun broadband gamit ko.pwede ba un?
thanks2! :)

vonlee12 said...

hindi cya pwide sa smartbro e153. fake ang topic na toh

adarlo05 said...

hnd lang talga kaya ang program n nkainstalled s modem para baguhin oh iupdate.... kelangn natin eh mas malaks n pang bypass s program nila


my sun broadbrand e153u was upgrade to globe frameware

pde ko pa ba syang ibalik sa dati para maunlock ko sya permanently using smart sim ng hindi laging unulit-ulit ang pag unlock, any suggestion to make it much better

help nman, asap thanks

Jonrell said...

This is a ONE WAY process and irreversible. Once you updated your Firmware to globe you can't reflash it back to any other network since there is no available firmware from other networks.

poorprince said...

saaan ko ido download yung unlocker paki complete naman po ng details.. kulang kulang ehh..

rHaz said...

sir, "update failure" po sakin khit no applications are opened xD
- Sun Broadband Kit po gamit ko "E153u-1"
- e2 po ang current firmware version ng broadband kit ko "11.609.18.00.201"
- ang target firmware version po pag-i`uupdate ko sya sa "globe" eh "11.609.18.00.158"

, ang question ko is updated na po ba ung firmware ng broadband kit ko kaya po sya lagi nag`eerror?

Frozen Bytes said...

mga tol, kung gusto nyo pagawa ng dead firmware ng mga dongle nyo, pwede nyo po ako contact sa 09187143002... NCR area...

try natin marevive using my backups.. donation of firmware backup is also welcome...

Anil said...

my imei lost model e153 please give me solution

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