Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Change USB Icon

Are you bored of the usual USB Icon displayed as default? If YES then you are on the right place to learn the trick.

Step 1. Open Notepad Application - Start > All Programs > Accessories 

Step 2. Copy and Paste the Code below


Step 3.  Save the file as Autorun.inf on the USB root directory.

Step 4.  Find any Icon file and save it to on the USB root directory of your USB. Rename the file as myicon.ico You can download icon file on the net or you may use some image to icon file converting tool.

Note: myicon.ico on the code can be replaced by any name that you want

Step 5. Safely remove the USB device and plug it again. If unplugging will not work try restarting your system and view it again in My Computer.



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