Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Common Errors in Updating Huawei E153

Updating your firmware using the link will permanently unlock your modem to Globe Network (Philippines). If you have other firmware source in your country you have to use that one.

In updating firmware we encounter some errors in the process which may result to further damage to your modem. The following are common errors encountered during the process:

Problem 1:  It asked for password during update - passcode is simply the flash code not the unlocked code
                  Solution: Secure your flash code using the application here

Note: If it doesn't asked for code - it only mean that you are on the same network with the current update firmware. In this case Globe to Globe network.

Problem 2: Unable to continue the update process
                  Solution: 1. Close all the programs running. It is a must that so that the flashing may not be interrupted.
Solution: 2. Do the flashing process again.

Problem 3: Modem undetected after update
                 Solution 1. Uninstall the older dashboard and reinstall using the updated firmware by accessing                  
                                    My Computer.
                 Solution 2: Restart your computer
                 Solution 3: Update your modem driver by downloading drivers from other sites.
                 Solution 4: Apply System Restore

For other problems just buzz me up!


Frozen Bytes said...

all of these guide may work but it depends kung pano nyo ginawa yung method..

if suko na po kayo kung nasira firmware ng dongle nyo, try po natin irepair yan using our own method of flashing.. try to contact me @ 09187143002

donation of working dongle firmware backups is highly welcome.. ^_^

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