Sunday, July 31, 2011

SEO Tips List - Quick Guide

Blogging has never been a great interest to me but decided to try it despite the difficulty in English grammar. But as I go along the mainstream of blogging I've met a lot of problems. One of those is to maintain the blog itself and make it popular through out the world wide web. I've read a lot of Tips and they are all useful if I want to gain the popularity that I needed. It is indeed difficult, I don't even had an idea about SEO but I've managed to handle it.

Search Engine Optimization doesn't come that easy as just saying the word. It takes a lot of your time and patience. In this post I will down some effective way in optimizing your site.

1.  Create a good post. What is a good post? A good post must contain at least 300-400 words and must focus on the niche of your site. This will help your site in gaining a reputation on the web. In other words it means Quality Post.

2. Submit your site to pinging sites.  This tip will help your site to be index in some search engine site or even sites that are related to your niche. Submitting your site to pinging sites will bring traffic to your site and help increase its ranking.

3.  Buy your own domain name. Having your own domain name will give you an edge among other websites in terms of search engine priority. Search Engines will priorities websites that have their own domain. If you will buy your domain through google or any google partner registrar,your website will be automatically be indexed in their system. In this case, this will be an advantage to be prioritize by search engines. This will also boost your site traffic.

These are just few of those Tips but this would be a great help if you can perform all of these


Mark Farrell said...

Thanks, was looking for something like this, it helped a lot :)


Jonrell said...

thanks sir!

quickdeath007 said...

Thanks for this helpful post. Im also thinking of getting my own domain even though my blog is quite new.Do you know how to generate meta tags on Google?If you do,please help and PM me on Symbianize on this username.Thanks

You can always visit my site thru
Thanks again.

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